My name is Despina but everybody calls me Des.

I have always been involved in the Beauty industry.  I love girly things and it’s probably even considered a fetish. I have recently moved to the lovely township of Newborough in the Gippsland region of  Melbourne.

Check out the Beauty page for details.

Good grooming. Good glamour. They’re the things I look at when I see a woman walking down the street.

I have also been making jewellery for about 15 years. I started doing it for fun and it really got out of hand, like everything I take on. Every piece you see on this site has been hand made by me. Check each photo section for jewellery samples and click the photos to enlarge them.

I’m running a super special on my hand-made jewellery. All necklaces, ear-rings, rings and bracelets are only $10.00. Watches are between $10 – $25. Check them all out for yourself.