Necklaces & Bracelets

NB16nsmNB1 NB13nsmNB2
NB14nsmNB3 NB15nsmNB4
NB12nsmNB5 NB11nsmNB6. Crystal strand necklaces.Single strand. $10-$25.Double strand. $20-$30.Single strand crystal bracelets. $10. 
NB10nsmNB7. Sets of Necklaces and Bracelets. $25. Crystal Stretch         Bracelets. $10.  NB9nsmNB8
NB8nsmNB9 NB7nsmNB10. Stretch Crystal Bracelets. $10.Bangles. $15.

Necklaces. $35.Faux Bracelets. $25.

All colours.


NB6nsmNB11 NB5nsmNB12. Bracelets $25. Necklaces. $35. Stretch Crystal Bracelets. $10
NB4nsmNB13. Matching Jade Coloured Necklace & Bracelet set. $25.Crystal Bracelets. $10. All colours. NB3nsmNB14. Matching Necklaces $25-$35.Bangles Ladies $15. Kids. $10. Earrings $5-$10.Bracelets. $25.
NB2nsmNB15. I can make them look like the genuine thing. All have safety latches and chains. NB1nsmNB16. Choose your own colour of ceramic or crystal beads and I can customise it using your favourite colours.